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Locations    AQS = A Quilted Stitch.:       HHS = Harrison Hot Springs.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM 56x56"   (Class #001)
     3 Sessions - 4 + 3 + 3 hours - 3wks apart - $60.00

We use the strip-piecing method to make this quilt, which is also called "The Lone Star". This pattern also looks great in other seasonal colours. You can make this size or you can start a medallion quilt with this center and make a bed size quilt. A matching set for the bedroom would make quiet a statement.
This class is for quilters who are comfortable using a rotary cutter and also have good machine piecing skills.

     3 Sessions - 4 + 4 + 3 hours - 3wks apart - $75.00

In this popular class, create a truly beautiful wallhanging that will soon become a family heirloom. A central poinsettia is framed by a colourful stained glass border. This project is hand-appliquedé and fusible bias is used for the leading -- the classes are spaced out to give you lots of time for homework. Your hand-sewing skills will get a good workout. It is one of those project that look daunting, but you'll soon find out how relaxing, satisfying and quiet fast it is. You will be so proud diplaying it every Christmas.
If you're not sure about tackling this project - start with Class #26 - Stained Glass Spring to get you started at the stained-glass technique.

BELL PLACEMAT 14x19"   (Class #003)
     1 Session - 6 hours - $35.00

Bells surround this placemat adding a festive touch to your table. This is a fast and fun project and good for beginners. Rotary pre-cutting is required - If you are not sure of your rotary cutting, arrange to come in an hour earlier to do it. Time permitting a bonus lesson on "coaster" is added to the class.

BELL TABLE RUNNER 18X41"   (Class #004)
     1 session - 6 hours - $35.00

A larger version of the placemats to co-ordinate your christmas table setting. Class for placemats should be taken first, to be familiar with the basics of this pattern.

SIMPLE STAR TREE SKIRT 32X56"   (Class #005)
     1 Session - 6 hours - $35.00

Make it a Tree Skirt or a Table Topper. Make them both to co-ordinate. It can show off a beautiful Christmas print too nice to cut up. For easy storage its made without batting, unless you want to add it.

ATTIC WINDOWS   (Class #006)
     2 session - 3 + 3 hours - 2wks apart - $35.00

A traditional pattern with lots of posibilities. Our sure-fire way of making the windows without inset seams will want you to make more Attic Windows in the future. You will have plenty of time between classes to perfect the technique. Many students come back to the second class with another quilt started. The shadowbox effect of this pattern has many creative posibilities.
Check out the Student Gallery and for inspiration.

    3 sessions - 3 + 3 + 3 hours - 1wk apart - $60.00

Almost everybody's first quilt is a log cabin. Many seams are required to make this quilt - that is why many quilters use paper-piecing for accuracy. This class will teach you how to make this quilt quickly the old-fashion way, no need for paper-piecing. Quick cutting and sewing assures you a perfect result. With the many variation of settings for this pattern, this class will start your log cabin adventure. Check out the Student Gallery for inspiration.

GET THE POINT   (Class #008)
     1 session - 6 hours - $35.00

Great for Beginner Paper-Piecers - the only pre-requisit is that you can sew a straight line. The beauty of this way of piecing is that it promisses instant success. After this class you will have mastered the basics to make many fun quilts after that.
Class #17 "Paper-Pieced Tulip" could be your next venture.

BROKEN STAR   (Class #009)
     3 Sessions - 6 + 3 + 3 hours - 3wks apart - $70.00

This is an old and attractive pattern for a large quilt. Strip piecing will simplify the job and will become your proudest possession. Unlimited colour combinations are possible. Check Gallery#5 to see the back of this quilt.
This class requires good machine piecing skills.

FABRIC WALLET   (Class #010)
     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Join this popular class to make a wallet you'll really use...and it makes a great gift too. In a compact space you'll have room for you cheque book, cash, a pen...and all those CARDS. Many of the techniques used in this class can be applied to other craft and sewing projects. Check out the Student Gallery for inspiration.

HIP STRIP 17X60   (Class #012)
     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Strip piecing and rotary cutting makes this an intriguing pattern to decorate your table for any season by simply changing the fabric. You can later change the dimensions and/or size for other projects.

I SPY   (Class #014)
     2 session - 5 + 3 hours - 2wks apart - $50.00

This is a creative class where you can use all those novelty fabrics you have collected. Make it small or large, children will make a game of it. If you like the red cat, it's yours as a bonus (while supplies last). ....NO KIDS? - Use your favourite seasonal prints, fussy-cut them and you'll be suprised by it beauty. Lock your eyes unto the background and you will notice a secondary star pattern

     2 sessions - 6 + 4 hours - 2wks apart - $60.00

This intriguing design is a visual tongue twister, but its construction is simpler than it appears. From a book by Georgia Bonesteel it is made of repeated blocks and can be made in 3 sizes. Its construction method is unusual and good machine piecing skill are helpful.

PINE BARK PUZZLE 38x47"   (Class #016)
     2 sessions -6 + 5 + 3 hours - 3wks apart - $85.00

This pattern is mysterious and puzzling. Armed with the solution it still requires all your patience, concentration and perserverance to put it together. However you'll end up with this wonderful wall quilt. You will be so proud to show it off and let your friends figure it out how you did it.
Good rotary cutting and machine piecing skill are required for this project.

PAPER PIECED TULIPS 13X15"   (Class #017)
     3 sessions - 3 + 3 + 3 hours - 2wks apart - $55. 00 plus pattern

After you have mastered the basics of paper-piecing in Class#8, continue the adventure with this pattern!.. When you're finished not only will you have a pretty picture, but you'll be able to do other patterns with such intricate designs. We are changing the construction techniques from the pattern.

     3 sessions - 6 + 3 + 3 hours - 3wks apart - $70. 00plus pattern

This flower truly say's "Christmas". Make it in traditional red or in the other new colours. The adventure of paper-piecing continues with this larger project.A little patient together with this foolproof system of piecing guarantees success. Our constuction varies a little from that of the pattern. Basic paper-piecing knowledge is helpful in this class.

     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Make the log-cabin apron in class. Co-ordinate your apron with your kitchen and/or our OVEN TOWELS from Class#23. Make them for special occasions or as a present for a cooking friend. They'll keep you clean and your friends and family will admire your style and talent. We'll give you the instructions for the Braid-Apron too if you are interested.

OHIO STARS 31X31"   (Class #020)
     1 session - 5 hours - $35.00

Using Anita Hallock's "Fast Patch" technique, you'll be able to create these and many more Ohio Stars in no time. This is a very popular pattern for large and small quilts. Two variations of construction are shown, and you can then make Ohio Stars to your hearts content. See the Gallery for inspiration.

HALLOWEEN CAT 31X38"   (Class #021)
     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Halloween is scary, even to this black cat. Quick Strip piecing will make up this wallhanging in no time. The border fabric is available and so are the black cats in the corner. You and your family will enjoy this quilt every Halloween. This class requires reasonable rotary cutting and sewing skills.

FLYING GEESE   (Class #022)
     1 session - 4 hours - $30.00

This technique of making the Flying Geese blocks is a fast way of making lots of blocks. This setting is the most common one but there are many other attractive quilt blocks using a flying geese section. We'll show you how to make the geese and you can herd them into a quilt later.

OVEN TOWELS   (Class #023)
     1 session - 4 hours - $30.00

Your friend will admire your taste and talent when they see your oven towels. Everybody will want one, and what an easy gift to make - something they can use over and over. Co-ordinate them with our APRON from Class#19 for a special friend and a complete look. Make one towel in class and carry on the fun at home.You will make many more of these, and it's a good practice project for bindings.

     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Valentine comes every year, so why not have a special quilt. Multiply the block to make a larger version ,make it country style or in different colour combination. See the Gallery. Make up your own settings, and don't forget - Christmas is also a time for hearts. This is a good beginner project.

KALEIDOSCOPE   (Class #025)
     3 sessions - 4 + 4 + 3 hours - 2wks apart - $65.00

"Stack & Whack" - Bethany Reynolds named this kind of block - and the craze to make these kaleidoscopes swept the nation. Fabrics used this way are hardly recognizable - and a good way to use up really ugly fabrics. Go to GALLERY#4 and see the fabric used in this sample. This fabric is available if you want to try it. WARNING!... Addiction is one of the side effects of this class.

STAINED GLASS SPRING 10X33"   (Class #026)
     3 sessions - 3 + 3 + 3 hours - 1wk apart - $55.00

A great project to learn hand-made stained glass quilts. Three stages of dificulties are used to perfect your skills. This little quilt will draw everyone's admiration and it fits any decor. A great project to get you off your machine and into an easychair to relax and sharpen your handsewing skills. A kit is available on request.

TIC TAC TOE 20X20"   (Class #027)
     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

A great little take-along quilt to play with on those long car rides to keep the kids busy. Tucks into the smallest space at home or away. The x's and o's are in their own litte pouch. With a little help a 10 year old could make it to try their hands at quilting.

TUMBLING (BABY) BLOCKS 35X55"   (Class #028)
     3 sessions - 4 + 3 + 3 hours - 2wks apart - $60.00

Real tumbling blocks is one of the more difficult patterns, but this version is easier and just as attractive. It still has a 3D appearance and if you look closely a secondary pattern appears. Makes a lovely quilt for a baby in pastel colours.
Visit the Student Gallery and get inspired.

3D BOW TIES   (Class #029)
     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

Three-dimensional blocks are fun to make. Bow Ties aren't the only block that can be made this way. Others will be covered as well. This is one of the patterns that are suitable for men, maybe made from their discarded ties and shirts.

     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

This is no ordinary stocking - Silky lining, seamless braided cuff and quilted boot. Make it in your colours and theme and your stocking will be highligting your fireplace for years to come. Fill it with goodies and give as a present to your family and friends. See the Student Gallery for really pretty ones.

     1 session - 6 hours - $40.00

You will be surprise at the trick we're using to make up this striking little quilt in no time. Use bright colours for show and effect. After this class, try your hand at the larger version in Class #32

CHINESE LANTERNS 46X58"   (Class #032)
     3 session - 6 + 3 + 3 hours - $75.00

This pattern is rarely seen - maybe because it seem a lot of work. A little more challenging than Class# 31 but in this class we will teach you a new organizing technique and an easier way of sewing this striking quilt. Browse the Student Gallery to see more.

LINUS QUILT 48X57"   (Class #033)
    2 session - 5 + 3 hours - $50.00

This is one of our most popular beginner's classes. Most people end up making more quilts, because of the speed and versatility of the pattern. It is adabtable to smaller or larger sizes that you can make later. For this class - stay with this size so that you can finish. Every fabric combination will give a different and surprising results.
Check out the Student Gallery for inspiration.

NINE PATCH PIZZAZZ 23X26"   (Class #034)
    2 session - 5 + 3 hours - $50.00

Using a pattern from the book by that title, we will use a different aproach to the instruction given, and we also have a choice of sizes - dictated my your fabric. Many of large prints can be used to great effect.

KIDS QUILT CAMP 48X60"   (Class #035)
     5 session - 3 hours - 1 day apart - $100.00

This simple colourful quilt (48 x 60") could be the beginning of a beautiful hobby. A kit for this quilt top is available at a cost of $60.00, or let them pick the fabrics, we do the prep-work and the kids can sew their quilt together in that week. Then they can "tie" or hand quilt their quilts, or we get them machine quilted (at additional cost). For 8 - 11 year old girls or boys. They will proudly show-off their moms and grans.

     1 session - 4 hours - $30.00
Add 2 hours for also teaching borders - plus $15.

Mitering the corners of a border is one of those finishing touches that can put the icing on the cake(quilt). We show you how to master that job with this foolproof system. We'll be making samples for you to refer to when needed.

     1 session - 4 hours - $30.00

The absolute last job on a quilt is to put on the binding and maybe a sleeve. If your quilt is large, this could be daunting. Let us show you how to make the binding the perfect finishing touch on your quilt and never again miss out on winning a price because of those waivy edges.

TRAPUNTO   (Class #034)
     (1 session - 4 hours - $30.00

By hand or by machine, soft of bold, a little or a lot. These are your choices of putting trapunto in your quilt. It can make a plain old quilt extraordinary. It is worth a try....maybe your quilts will be "trapuntoed" more often.

Special Notes regarding classes:

Class fees include basic hand-outs. Cost of commercial pattern and/or books are not included. Fees must be paid in full at time of booking, accepted up to one (1) week prior to class.    CHEQUES OR CASH ONLY.   No space will be reserved without payment.

A minimum of 3 (maximum 8) people per class - or it will be cancelled 3 days prior to class.   Fee will then be fully refunded or used for other classes.    If you cannot attend, a one (1) week notice is required for refund.

A supply list will be given at time of booking, make sure that you have all that is listed.    At the Harrison Hot Spring (HHS) location only a limited supply of fabrics and notions are available.   A few sewing machines are available for your use, reserve yours at time of booking.

PS.    More classes, Workshops and Retreats are being planned and developed and added periodically.    For a group of 4 or more (all ages and sexes) special classes can be arranged. E-mail me with your preference.

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